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In recent years LULAC California has devoted considerable time and attention to conducting in-depth investigations of agencies and institutions perceived to maintain practices that discriminate against people of Mexican descent and/or other non-White groups. The strategy of this investigative unit is to identify and generate irrefutable data and findings that will force corrective action on the part of the responsible party or on the part of the regulatory agency responsible for overseeing that organization.

Through the use of direct interviews of victims or concerned personnel, as well as the application of hard-hitting research methods, LULAC has been highly effective in using these reports to expose and draw attention to institutionalized discrimination in various settings. Our use of accepted research methodology to conduct these investigations has resulted in achieving a high level of credibility among users and among most recipients of our reports.

While the reports have focused, to a great extent, on matters within Ventura County, the systemic nature of the conditions we investigate are almost always relevant on a state-wide level.  In addition to posting copies of our investigative reports, at times we will also post reports or documents from other sources that we deem relevant. In addition to the posted reports, this investigative unit has conducted numerous civil rights investigations involving matters at the personnel level and in order to protect the confidentiality of the victims we defend, we are unable to share those reports.

Investigation Behavioral Health 2014

Investigation Gold Coast HP 2014

Investigation Human Services Agency County2011

OPD Gang Suppression Pension Spiking 2011

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